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Released: 2017-03-31

Added option to skip login since some people are having issues logging in with their account.


Released: 2016-05-27

Some bug fixes. Added phantom CC scorers for incomplete teams. Better API server for applications. Fixed email results issue and improved email interface. FAT Camera source writes all files as soon as you add the source now. Added indicator if FAT Camera is in automatic mode rather than manual. More fixes.


Released: 2016-05-06

Some good bug fixes update, no new features.


Released: 2016-03-24

Here is a new update with some bug fixes, toggles to turn off the app/server features, auto-pilot seeding updates, etc.


Released: 2016-03-02

Lots of bug fixes. Revamp internally of seeding. Lots more. Three months in the making here. Sorry it took so long.


Released: 2015-12-19

Includes better cooperation with using RaceTab in tandem with Hytek and other software using Lynx as the middle communication layer.


Released: 2015-12-18

Some fixes with the FinishLynx/FieldLynx updates, related to sessions. Added "audience" field for meet, which impacts default behavior based on type of meet. Few other relatively minor updates.


Released: 2015-12-17

Fixing an issue with how the EVT file is exported to FieldLynx. Also made a few other triggers to update the EVT files automatically more frequently when things are saved.


Released: 2015-12-16

Great update to handle lap splits from FinishLynx and setting them up easily. Also dedicated screen to view/edit splits once they come in, similar to our field event series screens.


Released: 2015-12-10

Imports lap splits from FinishLynx and other improvements.


Released: 2015-12-07

Better integration with FieldLynx, improvements to Field Series. And other minor updates and fixes.


Released: 2015-11-18

This version greatly improves the input of field series progressions. It also adds a toggle to edit event for mixed events, allowing you to decide if you want to split or combine genders for results scoring.


Released: 2015-11-02

Tweaks based on feedback from October. Now we're gearing up for track updates in the next few weeks!


Released: 2015-10-09

Update for better live results through our new MileSplit live results service. Also improved "Download from MileSplit" to use our new API to pull your meets specifically as opposed to pulling by date and state.


Released: 2015-10-02

A few bug fixes and tweaks. Nothing major.


Released: 2015-09-23

A few fixes with issues reported with importing chips or entries from an Excel spreadsheet.


Released: 2015-09-10

We are continuing to improve our TFRRS integration. And a few other small fixes baked in.


Released: 2015-09-05

As more college timers are using it to upload to TFRRS, we had some issues reported when entries were imported from a file versus the direct download. These and other fixes.


Released: 2015-09-02

We now support better direct download of cross country meets with DirectAthletics entries.


Released: 2015-08-29

Another minor update


Released: 2015-08-27

Fixing a few reported bugs. Some experienced error messages when offline. This should solve that issue.


Released: 2015-08-22

Made a tweak to better work for Lynx and IPICO/Trident Sources when multiple computers are running RaceTab networked. Plus some bug fixes.


Released: 2015-08-20

A few more updates mixed with a few bug fixes to follow up the 4.01 release a couple of days ago.


Released: 2015-08-19

The long awaited, often imitated, never duplicated, RaceTab 4.01 is here!


Released: 2015-04-18


Released: 2014-03-13


Released: 2014-03-11


Released: 2014-03-02

- Added bar heights if you enable field series on results for vertical jumps - Added judges decision to override place in results - Added option to provide thousanths of a second to break ties in races, which effects auto-score, results, and seeding


Released: 2013-09-12

Few more bug fixes as any are reported to me this XC season.


Released: 2013-09-11


Released: 2013-09-09

Added filter by bib range for label printing.


Released: 2013-09-06

Few bug fixes. Update to let you change font on label printer.


Released: 2013-08-29

Couple bug fixes for XC.


Released: 2013-06-16

Minor Update


Released: 2013-06-15

Just some small bug fixes but important from 3.77 and minor changes.


Released: 2013-05-17

Just keep rolling out the new updates with new feature and bug fixes. Check the site release notes if you're interested in the details.


Released: 2013-05-14

Got a few great bug fixes, several much requested features. Like adding Q and q to prelims to indicate qualifiers and splitting throws from jumps for the team scoring summary


Released: 2013-04-19

Fixed login issue with 3.71. Fixed relay live results display issue. Field Relays now have individual number of scorers setting. Other minor bug fixes.


Released: 2013-04-12

This is a large change over 3.053 and everyone should update to it.


Released: 2012-06-20

We released records just yesterday. This version has some bug fixes reported from that and also some new enhancements for records. Added feature to generate random names for results as well; if you are testing this comes in handy.


Released: 2012-06-19

Main thing in this release is adding records support, but there are a number of other fixes as well.


Released: 2012-03-25

There were two bugs fixed in this update: printing heat sheets was not sorting by lane and printing field relay results was not showing athlete names.


Released: 2012-03-20

Update to last week's release with seeding fixes.


Released: 2012-03-15

This update has a few new features and a few needed bug fixes. More visibly though it is the first update as we are moving toward a new UI. You will notice the new look off the bat, but not all of the program has yet been changed over, so that's why it is a "transitional" release. Release early, release often!


Released: 2011-10-23

Just four minor bugs that cropped up.


Released: 2011-10-21

This is an important update because it starts a turning point for RaceTab to get to its full vision. It incorporates the beginning of our real "cloud" with live results publishing and integration with RaceTab Timer (smartphone/tablet app).


Released: 2011-09-01

Some good features and fixes.


Released: 2011-06-09

Good solid release with a few new features and bug fixes. Check out the release notes on racetab.org for details


Released: 2011-04-01

No April Fools! The long awaited update to RaceTab is here... and just in time for outdoor season up north. It has lots of improvements and fixes, with the biggest one probably being to the seeding module. But be sure to check out all the changes in the release notes on www.racetab.org


Released: 2010-10-30

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Mainly released to add a feature a dedicated user really needed, but packs a few additional bug fixes. Don't worry.. no tricks, only treats.


Released: 2010-10-20

Auto-complete broke in the last update, so I am fixing that here. A few other things were added/fixed also. See release notes for full list.


Released: 2010-10-19

This is a good update. Edit bib numbers, edit in place on athlete and team grid, etc.


Released: 2010-09-15

There were several bugs discovered in the last update. This version will fix the most critical known ones.


Released: 2010-09-02

Some fixes and improvements for cross country season. Release notes: http://www.racetab.org/Release_Notes_3.037


Released: 2010-06-18

Some good new features. Import from delimited interface got a big overhaul. http://www.racetab.org/Release_Notes_3.036


Released: 2010-06-11

One small fix, one small feature.


Released: 2010-06-09

This is the second update of the day. The update earlier today was a pretty big update, this one is just minor tweaks.


Released: 2010-06-09

Important cross country bug fix with a problem introduced in last version with waves. Made reports in Publish tab links which is easier... and more importantly perhaps added easy access to your saved custom reports.


Released: 2010-06-06

Added in some new features like a performance list by team, AP Style customization options, etc. Few bug fixes like handling waves better.


Released: 2010-05-20

There was a bug in 3.031 with printing relay results.